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    Lettre de décision relative à POLYTER - 11 décembre 2012

    Les usages sur cultures à fins alimentaires ne sont pas autorisés au motif de l'absence de données sur les résidus dans les denrées issues de ces cultures.

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    Evaluation of carcinogenic potential of the herbicide glyphosate, drawing on tumor incidence data from fourteen chronic/carcinogenicity rodent studies

    After 40 years of use, and multiple regulatory approvals including toxicology evaluations, literature reviews, and numerous human health risk assessments, the conclusions are that glyphosate is of low toxicological concern, and no concerns exist with respect to its use and cancer in humans.

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    Pesticide residues in food - EVALUATIONS 2004 Part II—Toxicological

    That report contains comments on the compounds considered, acceptable daily intakes established by the WHO Core Assessment Group, and maximum residue limits established by the FAO Panel of Experts. Monographs on residues are published as a companion volume, Evaluations 2004, Part I, Residues.

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    Glyphosate: a once-in-a-century herbicide

    Glyphosate has become the dominant herbicide worldwide. There are several reasons for its success. Glyphosate is a highly effective broad- spectrum herbicide, yet it is very toxicologically and environmentally safe. It translocates well, and its action is slow enough to take advantage of this.

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    Review of genotoxicity studies of glyphosate and glyphosate-based formulations.

    The present review of subsequent genotoxicity publications and regulatory studies of glyphosate and glyphosate-based formulations (GBFs) incorporates all of the findings into a weight of evidence for genotoxicity.

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    How the World Health Organization's cancer agency confuses consumers

    Over four decades, a WHO research agency has assessed 989 substances and activities, ranging from arsenic to hairdressing, and found only one was “probably not” likely to cause cancer in humans. It was an ingredient in nylon used in stretchy yoga pants and toothbrush bristles.

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    L'utilité du glyphosate en dix raisons - Agriculture, alimentation, santé publique... soyons rationnels

    Le texte suivant est le premier d'une série de trois dans laquelle nous examineront comment une campagne contre un produit agricole essentiel réussit dans l'Union européenne. Cette première partie se penchera sur les raisons pour lesquelles le glyphosate est un bon produit pour les agriculteurs.

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    Toxicokinetics of glyphosate and its metabolite aminomethyl phosphonic acid in rats.

    The toxicokinetics of glyphosate after single intravenous (i.v.) and oral doses were studied in rats. After oral administration, glyphosate was partially and slowly absorbed with a T(max) of 5.16 h. Glyphosate was converted to AMPA, whose elimination half-life (T(1/2beta)) was 15.08 h.

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