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    Here be monsters

    Carole Jahme: Sceptics love to poke fun at cryptozoologists, but there are strange creatures out there whose existence has yet to be confirmed by science

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    Human beings have always been fascinated by stories about those beings which seem to exist in the liminal zone between human and animal. These two books cover a wide range of such creatures from very different perspectives.

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    How the Spokane Bigfoot Video Was Hoaxed (Very Easily)

    From last week into this week, the mainstream media has completely lost it's shit over a really, really bad "bigfoot sighting" video, presumably created by a bunch of bored students from the Spokane Community College (who's mascot is, surprise, a sasquatch).

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    Des poils de loup-garous

    Cette semaine est sorti Le Chaperon Rouge, une nouvelle adaptation du célèbre conte européen. Mais ici l’histoire est un peu différente et le grand méchant loup est un loup-garou. Je sens que vous me voyez venir. Oui je vais vous parler de loup-garou et leur forte pilosité.

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    Ben Radford | Tracking the Chupacabra

    Among the monsters said to roam the world’s jungles and desolate deserts, none is more feared than the chupacabra—the blood-sucking beast blamed for the mysterious deaths of thousands of animals since the 1990s.

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    Monster mummies of Japan

    Lurking in the halls of Buddhist temples and museums across Japan are a host of monster mummies -- the preserved remains of demons, mermaids, kappa, tengu, raij?, and even human monks. Here are a few remarkable specimens for the adventurous and brave at heart.

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    Dahucapra Rupidahu

    Un documentaire sur... le Dahu, cet animal légendaire qui a pour particularité d'avoir deux pattes plus courtes que les autres. Un court-métrage réalisé par des étudiants de Supinfocom.

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