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    This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood

    Elizabeth Holmes envisioned a way to reinvent old-fashioned phlebotomy and, in the process, usher in an era of comprehensive superfast diagnosis and preventive medicine.

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    Wearable tech : it's not a device, it's a system

    Building hardware for the wearables market is only the first challenge companies need to master. For a truly differentiated experience, they must build out a service.

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    Report on tracker woes shows Jawbone plagued by old demons

    A new report from “consumer troubleshooting” site FixYa shows that proprietary chargers, data inaccuracies, and missing features are some of the top complaints consumers have about their wearable activity trackers.

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    Hexoskin--A Second Skin for the Quantified Athlete And Maybe Even You!

    The advances of digita health have resulted in advances in medicine and the persona quest for health and wellness. Today, advances in monitoring and tracking of key physiologic data have yielded new strides in conditioning for the serious athlete.  

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    Breaking: Jawbone acquires BodyMedia

    San Francisco-based Jawbone is acquiring Pittsburgh-based BodyMedia, This is the first major consolidation in the contentious wearable activity tracker space, and the second mobile health acquisition by Jawbone, which bought health app startup Massive Health for an undisclosed sum in February.

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    Panorama des objets connectés sport et santé

    Retrouvez l'ensemble des objets connectés de santé et sport. Bracelets, tensiomètres ou lunettes, le sport et la santé sont deux secteurs moteurs des objets connectés.

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    The Rock Report: Sensors

    The quantified self movement is in full effect, with highly proactive and health conscious individuals self-tracking everything imaginable. And the market is following.

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    Demain, mes bio-capteurs et moi

    Une petit illustration dessinée et assez simpliste de ce que pourrait être notre quotidien, dans pas si longtemps que ça :)

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