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    Conference on "China's Media in a Global Context"

    For those who are interested in Chinese media and China's position in the global media industry, this might be a conference to consider. The topic addressed will be the relationships between the government and information media, new media communities and media advertising in China. May 5-6, 2011

    • AACasilli 6/12/2010
      too bad we're past the deadline (Dec 1 2010)...
    • ArianeBeldi 6/12/2010
      I know! I only got the announcement today though. However, it might still be possible to send them something, if you've got a potential paper or presentation ready. After all, it often happens that conference organizers extend deadlines because they don't get enough submissions or they find out they have more space than initially thought. So, who knows! If you're really interested in it, you might want to try and contact them to see what they say.
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