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Je suis en thèse à Polytechnique Montréal en mathématiques appliquées, après avoir étudié à l'École Polytechnique à Palaiseau.
Je travaille sur des problèmes de conception d'horaires personnalisés, de modélisation des préférences et de conception de mécanismes.
J'ai lancé, un site d'articles de vulgarisation scientifique de qualité, auquel tout candidat ou diplômé d'un Master ou doctorat peut contribuer.
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    Poincaré Conjecture - S4A

    Poincaré conjecture is the most recent major proven theorem. Posited a century ago by Henri Poincaré, this major conjecture of topology was solved by Gregori Perelman. It has revolutionized our understanding of space and raised intriguing questions regarding the global structure of our Universe.
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    Shannon’s Information Theory

    Claude Shannon may be the most influential person of the 20th Century, as he laid out the foundation of information theory. Yet, unfortunately, he is virtually unknown to the public. This article is a tribute to him. And the best way I've found is to explain some of the brilliant ideas he had.
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    A Trek through 20th Century Mathematics

    In this talk, I will take you through some of the greatest simple ideas of the 20th century.
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    Topology: from the Basics to Connectedness

    Topology was my favorite course in pure maths. I love it because it's a powerful abstract theory to describe intuitive and visual ideas about space. This article gives you an introduction to this amazing field. We'll introduce graph topology, metric spaces, continuity and connectedness.
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    The Essence of Quantum Mechanics

    Quantum mechanics is the most accurate and tested scientific theory, Its applications to real life are countless, as all new technologies are based on its principles. Yet, it's also probably the most misunderstood theory, because it constantly contradicts common sense.
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    Guest Post: The Greatest Challenge of Mathematics

    More than facing mathematical or real world problems, today's greatest challenge of mathematics is to attract more and more minds to understand, use and improve modern mathematics. This post explains my solution to this great challenge.
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    Colors... What are they really? Are there the same for all of us? And for other animals? How does color addition or subtraction work? How do they work on computers? And on printers? The mysterious (but not dark) world of colors is actually very colorful!
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    Construction of Numbers

    Although they have been used for thousands of years, an actual definition of numbers was given less than a century ago! From the most fundamental level of set theory, this article takes you to the journey of the construction of natural, integer, rational, real and complex numbers.
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    Although highly appreciated by artists, self-reference has been a nightmare for mathematicians. It took one of the greatest, Kurt Gödel, to provide a better understanding of it. This article deals with paradoxes, recursion, fractals and Gödel's incompleteness theorems.
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    The Frontier of Cold

    While mountaineers aim at tops of mountains, some scientists have sought the bottom of temperature scale with frequent surprising wonders at different scales. This article takes you through these scientists' journey!
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    Differential Calculus

    Differential calculus is one of the most important concept of mathematics for science and engineering. This article focuses on its fundamental meaning.
  • 4/11/2012
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    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

    Darwin's theory of evolution is one of the greatest of all time. It's also one of the most controversial. This article presents the most fundamental concepts of the theory. We'll also provide results of modern science and discuss to which extend to they confirm Darwin's postulates.
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    Geological Wonders of Iceland

    Iceland is at an amazingly active volcanic location, yielding extreme geological phenomenons. Iceland is therefore a giant laboratory for geologists. It's also an awesome place for visitors, especially hikers. This article introduces some of Iceland's wonders.
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    Spacetime of Special Relativity

    Einstein's theory of relativity is the best-known breakthrough of the History of science. The reason for that isn't only the accuracy of the theory, but also and mainly its beauty. This article aims at showing Einstein's simple ideas of special relativity.
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    Languages of the Web

    The Internet is an unavoidable component of today's life, and will become more and more important. In this article, we"ll have an overview of its development in terms of coding languages. We discuss HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Javascript, XML and JSON, as well as their competitors.
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    The forces of Nature: from Newton to String Theory

    The forces of Nature: from Newton to String Theory
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    Science 4 All

    Science4All is a website where to read and write quality popular science. Help democratize science by reading, sharing, commenting and writing.
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    Fair Division

    Cutting a cake to satisfy everyone is no piece of cake! In the article, we focus on classical definitions of fair divisions. I'll criticize those definitions and conclude by extrapolating them to fairness in society.
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    Game Theory

    In the movie "A Beautiful Mind", the character is John Nash. He is one of the founders of game theory. Game Theory is the study of human interactions. Its fallouts in economy, politics or biology are countless. This article gives you an introduction to the concepts of this amazing way of thinking.
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    Model-Dependent Realism

    Introduced by the two renowned physicists Hawking and Mlodinov in The Grand Design in 2010, model-dependent realism is a new controversial understanding of the universe. Based on recent development in physics, this concept may be an incredible breakthrough for philosophy and science.
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