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    They Might Be Giants: "Meet the Elements"

    This animated, upbeat ode to the periodic table of elements and how they form our world, appears on the new TMBG kids' album "Here Comes Science." Video directed by Feel Good Anyway.

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    Comet 103p/Hartley movie on 2010, oct. 2nd

    Comet Hartley 2 moving eastward (up) in the constellation Cassiopeia on October 2, 2010. You can see the comet as it occults some mag 11 or so stars. The video was captured at the Starhoo Obsevatory ( in Lakeville, MA.

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    Universe likes to form galaxies similar to the Milky Way

    Galaxies like our own Milky Way formed easily and have also been the largest spiral galaxies in the universe for almost 4 billion years.

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    The sun's atmosphere above sunspot 1112 is criss-crossed by a tangled web magnetic filaments

    The sun's atmosphere above sunspot 1112 is criss-crossed by a tangled web magnetic filaments. At the end of the day on Oct. 10th, one of them erupted. A movie recorded by NASA's SDO. Because the blast site was located near the sun's eastern limb, Earth was not in the line of fire.

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    Granulation solaire en live

    La surface du Soleil, observée le 3 août 2010, à l'observatoire Big Bear (Californie), avec le New Solar Telescope (1,6 m de diamètre). Cette séquence condense en quelques secondes des observations réalisées pendant un peu moins de deux heures et montre l'évolution de la granulation solaire

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    Ce cheminement à travers la Physique comporte cinq parties. L'ordre adopté à l'intérieur d'une partie et les enchainements entre les différentes parties sont très différents des pratiques des classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles ou des premiers cycles des Facultés.

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    TED: Ideas worth spreading

    TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading -- through, our annual conferences, the annual TED Prize and local TEDx events.

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    'Living dinosaurs' in space: Galaxies in today's Universe thought to have existed only in distant past

    An astronomy student in Australia has found 'living dinosaurs' in space: galaxies in today's Universe that were thought to have existed only in the distant past.

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    Mars Exploration Program: Laser Tool for Studying Mars Rocks Delivered to JPL

    A tool newly delivered from Los Alamos National Laboratory for NASA's Mars rover Curiosity will zap Martian rocks with a laser to learn the rocks' makeup.

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