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    Unusual Quantum Effect Discovered in Earliest Stages of Photosynthesis

    Quantum physics and plant biology seem like two branches of science that could not be more different, but surprisingly they may in fact be intimately tied.

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    New equation predicts molecular forces in hydrophobic interactions

    The physical model to describe the hydrophobic interactions of molecules has been a mystery that has challenged scientists and engineers since the 19th century. Researchers have developed a method to study these forces at the atomic level, and have for the first time defined a mathematical equation.

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    New 'diamond?' New form of superhard carbon is as strong as a diamond

    Carbon is the fourth-most-abundant element in the universe and takes on a wide variety of forms including diamond and graphite. Scientists have discovered a new form of carbon, which is capable of withstanding extreme pressure stresses that were previously observed only in diamond.

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    Self-healing, self-cooling, metamaterials: Vascular composites enable dynamic structural materials

    Taking their cue from biological circulatory systems, researchers have developed vascularized structural composites, creating materials that are lightweight and strong with potential for self-healing, self-cooling, metamaterials and more

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    Chemists create molecular flasks: Researchers design a self-assembling material that can house other molecules

    Recently, researchers at New York University demonstrated an ability to make new materials with empty space on the inside, which could potentially control desired and unwanted chemical reactions.

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    Researchers discover superatoms with magnetic shells

    A team of scientists has discovered a new class of 'superatoms' - a stable cluster of atoms that can mimic different elements of the periodic table - with unusual magnetic characteristics.

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    New driving force for chemical reactions

    Chemists have shown for the first time that a mechanism called tunneling control may drive chemical reactions in directions unexpected from traditional theories.

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    Atomic weights of 10 elements on periodic table about to make an historic change

    For the first time in history, a change will be made to the atomic weights of some elements listed on the periodic table of the chemical elements posted on walls of chemistry classrooms and on the inside covers of chemistry textbooks worldwide.

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    Chemists develop simple technique to visualize atomic-scale structures

    Researchers have devised a new technique to visualize the structure of molecules. The technique, which was used to obtain the first direct images of how water coats surfaces at room temperature, can also be used to image a potentially unlimited number of other molecules.

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