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    Immersive Arctic Experience At Room Temperature

    The National Maritime Museum in London commissioned United Visual Artists (UVA), to develop the installation High Arctic “to understand, visualize and gain insight on the steadily vanishing region”.

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    Earth Lab : changing by degree

    This dramatic exhibition within the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences endeavors to open the doors to the living laboratory that is our climate, while not shying away from the hard science behind the changes people are witnessing every day.

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    Atmosphere : exploring climate science

    The Science Museum in London is a free museum packed with interactive exhibits, awe-inspiring objects and an IMAX 3D Cinema. The atmosphere gallery explores the climate science : the science of how it works, what it’s doing now and what it might do next.

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    Climate Change Wall

    Marvel at the sensational 12-metre interactive wall. Lights, imagery and sound change in response to people passing by, showing how humans influence our climate.

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