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    Citizen science goes 'extreme'

    Researchers push for wider use of community-generated data in science and policy-making.

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    Researchers Boycott Elsevier Journal Publisher

    More than 5,700 researchers are denouncing the pricing policies of the journal publisher Elsevier in a growing furor over open access to the fruits of scientific research.

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    Vulgariser, est-ce politique ?

    Réunissez 450 passionnés de la vulgarisation scientifique, de surcroît engagés à fond dans les blogues et les médias sociaux, et vous aurez nécessairement une pincée de politique, sans la partisanerie.

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    In 1934, a dozen pioneering science reporters established the National Association of Science Writers. They wanted a forum in which to join forces to improve their craft and encourage conditions that promote good science writing. Today, NASW has 2,315 members and 374 students.

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    Science Online 2012: The Sound of Science

    This session would explain why, and how, you should use sound to explain science. We'd look at ways in which sound can enhance your story.

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    Science: Day Two Blitz - Multimedia for Science Communicators

    We're hosting an open discussion about what science communicators need to learn in order to transform them into multimedia ninjas. We are in pursuit of an effective, efficient program to help convey science in the digital age.

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    Media Tips For Scientists - How to make the most of media coverage

    An informal guide to the inner workings of the media with practical tips about how early career scientists can get involved. Produced by Sense About Science, an independent UK charitable trust promoting good science and evidence in public debates.

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