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    See the Actual Signal Strength on Your iPhone or Android

    Ever feel tricked by your phone's signal bars into thinking you have a better reception that you actually do? This simple hack will transform those bars to show the actual signal in decibels (dBm). No jailbreaking is required and it's reversible.

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    The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable

    The Retina MacBook is the least repairable laptop we’ve ever taken apart [...]. The design pattern has serious consequences not only for consumers and the environment, but also for the tech industry as a whole.

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    Différences entre identification, autorisation et authentification

    Différences entre identification, autorisation et authentification. Je vais essayer de débroussailler un peu car la confusion est très souvent faite (notamment car auth peut signifier authorization et authentication en anglais d'où la nécessité de différencier authz et authn).

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    ANFR - Cartoradio

    Cartoradio permet, d'une part, de connaître l'emplacement des stations radioélectriques et, d'autre part, d'avoir accès, pour un site donné, aux résultats des mesures de champs électromagnétiques synthétisés par une fiche de mesures.

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    Hackable Devices

    The perfect shop for hackers, makers, coders and investors : open source hardware and highly hackable devices. Hackable:Devices aims to promote open hardware and its communities and offers a kind of social network to give them items to share their hacks.

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    Leap second bug in Linux wastes electricity - The H Open: News and Features

    A leap second bug in Linux has caused the power consumption in Hetzner Online's data centres to jump by "about a megawatt". The web hosting company is asking customers to check their systems

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    Leap Motion

    Leap represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It's more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time, you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements.

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