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    Du potassium dans l'atmosphère d'une exoplanète !

    A l'aide d'une nouvelle technique de spectrophotométrie, des chercheurs viennent de détecter la présence de potassium dans l'atmosphère d'une exoplanète en utilisant l'un des plus grands télescopes du monde, le Gran Tecan.

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    New solar system ‘has seven planets’

    Astronomers have discovered a new solar system that resembles our own, with up to seven planets orbiting a star like the Sun.

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    Un satellite français détecte une nouvelle planète géante

    Une équipe internationale de chercheurs vient de confirmer l'existence de Corot-9b, une planète assez semblable à Jupiter située à quelque 1500 années lumières de la terre.

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    Super-Earth 'began as gas giant'

    The smallest known planet outside our solar system started its life as a Saturn-sized gas-rich planet, researchers say.

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    Newly Discovered Planet Could Be A Watery World

    The planet orbits a red dwarf star 40 light-years from our Earth, and its surface may be covered in water. But scientists say conditions on this planet would probably be too extreme to support life as we know it.

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    Detecting habitable new worlds: The next blue planet

    In 1995, when Michel Mayor of the University of Geneva detected the first exoplanet (a planet that orbits a star other than the sun) he started a race that has gained pace ever since. Some 360 such planets have now been detected, but none is exactly equivalent to the Earth.

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