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    Invention of The Month: Conductive Ink

    To connect batteries to devices such as resistors and LEDs, a newly developed ballpoint pen uses silver-based ink that conducts electricity through lines drawn over paper, wood, plastic and even some textiles.

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    Better Than A Van Gogh: NASA Visualizes All The World's Ocean Currents

    We imagine the ocean as having high tides and low tides, water that comes in and out in waves. Beyond that, how does water actually move around the world? What’s that flow look like? NASA Scientific Visualization Studio assembled this remarkable animation of the surface currents of our oceans.

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    The Links of Love

    Some people marry their high school sweethearts and live together ‘til death do them part’. Other couples go their separate ways and find love anew. All these collective romantic movements can be used to construct a relationship graph.

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    Temporal Distortion

    What you see is real, but you can't see it this way with the naked eye. It is the result of thousands of 20-30 second exposures, edited together to produce the timelapse. This allows you to see the Milky Way, Aurora and other Phenonmena, in a way you wouldn't normally see them.

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    Comment j’ai mesuré le taux de caféine de George Clooney avec un iPhone

    Prédire la popularité d'un article est un art difficile. Trois chercheurs californiens (dont deux travaillent pour les laboratoires de Hewlett-Packard) ont donc effectué une étude sur ce sujet, qui vient de paraître, le 2 février, sur le site de pré-publications arXiv.

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    La vidéo la plus drôle du monde selon un algorithme de Google

    Les chercheurs de la firme ont bâti une formule qui permet de déterminer quelles sont les vidéos de YouTube les plus amusantes. Et la grande gagnante, selon leur algorithme, est la vidéo du No No No Cat, où un chat répète sans arrêt "Non" en anglais.

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    Extreme cold weather hits Europe

    Frigid temperatures have gripped Europe in the last week, with the mercury reaching as low as 35 degrees Celsius below zero. After what had been a relatively mild winter, the sudden cold caught many unprepared.

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    eBird animated occurrence maps

    These maps are really the heart and soul of eBird, since they showcase how your daily eBird submissions are being put to use for science.

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