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    Sciences à l'École

    « Sciences à l'École » est un dispositif d'initiative ministérielle qui a pour but de soutenir et inciter des projets de culture scientifiques dans l'enseignement du second degré (collèges, lycées, lycées professionnels, classes préparatoires).

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    Lab 13 : "just see what happens"

    Like the famous art studio, Room 13, imagine a lab managed by young people for young people where they can experiment, play, invent, design, solve problems, explore, work alongside a scientist/designer/engineer in residence…

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    Lab_13 is a pioneering science space managed by young people for young people.

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    Ignite !a curriculum promoting STEM as creative subjects

    Ignite! was set up in October 2006 to promote creativity in learning. Ignite! works with young people to reveal and develop their capacity for creativity and creative thinking.

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    AthenaWeb - Your Science Video Channel

    European Science Research, audiovisual communication and scientific information for new technologies, Athenaweb is a tool for Science communication and European science research.

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    Einztein - Find free online university courses

    Connect your favorite courses to relevant learning resources. Exchange knowledge and information with other members whose academic interests match yours. Join peers and professors in exploring the newest academic frontier: free online courses.

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    Honour for top science educator

    Science and technology educator John Holman is among several eminent scientists awarded New Year Honours.

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    Photonics Explorer

    The PE program will equip Europe’s secondary schools with up-to-date educational material on topics related to light and its technical use. The Photonics Explorer provides teachers with a class-set of components for hands-on experiments together with an inquiry-based didactic framework.

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    European science and technology in action building links with industry, schools and home.

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